maintenance and support

When systems fail or solutions need maintenance we can quickly identify your problems and reduce downtime, risks and lost productivity.  Our maintenance and support plans allow you to focus on your business and not worry about technology issues that may arise.  We troubleshoot existing applications and report what needs to be fixed or improved to avoid future complications.  Where possible, we can modify the software side of the application to remove issues and to implement new requirements as your needs evolve.


  • allows you to focus on your business
  • avoid future complications
  • minimize impact of downtime
  • correct current issues
  • implement new requirements


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Acticom Solutions offers a wide range of software development and technology consulting services. Our mission is to offer high quality services. [more +]

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Specializing in Microsoft .Net technology, we also have development experience with a wide range of other cutting edge technologies. [more +]


Our professionals have years of experience in diverse industries, from customized application development to production level enterprise solutions. [more +]