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About Us

Acticom Solutions partners with companies to provide high quality enterprise level consulting services. Service offerings include customized software development, project management, systems integration, software implementations, database management, application design, project documentation, maintenance support and business consulting. With professionals experienced in serving a wide range of industries including Telecommunications, Financial Services, Retail, Information Technology, Pharmaceutical and Healthcare we have the proven skills to deliver robust and timely solutions that exceed customer expectations. Experience and knowledge are integrated into existing client processes and practices, producing a high level of success, cost effectiveness, reliability, and satisfaction. These strengths give Acticom Solutions a competitive edge that produces excellent results.

Our professionals have years of experience in diverse industries, from customized application development to production level enterprise solutions. We have experience servicing the following industries:

  • Financial
  • Healthcare
  • Telecommunications
  • Wireless
  • Pharmaceutical
  • Construction
  • Retail
  • Educational
  • Information Technology
  • Insurance

Our Solutions

Our solutions are custom designed to meet our client's exact needs. We offer tailored development and consulting services which reduce costs, increase productivity and leverage existing technologies to produce visible results. Motivated by client satisfaction, an exceptional level of service and personal care is achieved. We will guide you through the complete software development cycle.

  • Software development cycle
  • Requirements gathering
  • System design
  • Development
  • Testing
  • Implementation
  • Documentation
  • Support

Feautured Services

Custom Software Development

Custom applications are feature rich and tailored to your exact business processes. They are designed taking into account your company's needs and growth potential, assuring return on investment and giving you a competitive advantage. Our custom software development services will help your business standardize processes, reduce manual tasks, increase productivity and reduce overall costs. There are many business specific tasks which benefit from the customized solutions we can deliver.

  • custom tailored to your business processes
  • replace manual tasks
  • minimize errors
  • increase productivity

Software Migration

Whether your company has a legacy application that needs updating to current technologies, applications that require new functionalities or you have the need to redesign outdated processes, our software migration services is your answer. Common reasons to migrate software include data migration to more robust database systems, requirement updates, application modernization, maintenance cost reduction, user experience improvement, bug fixing and to overcome legacy technology limitations.

  • modernize and redisign existing investments
  • migrate data
  • reduce mantenance costs
  • fix bugs
  • improve user experience
  • overcome technology limitations

Web Application Development

Web applications are readily accessible applications that run on a web server. These applications allow multiple users access from any computer connected to the network without having to install client applications. The information stored is accessible from any client and upgrades to the application are installed once on the server and there is no need to reconfigure clients. Web applications are excellent for situations whereworkflows and data must be handled from multiple sites and make it very easy for the application to be accessed remotely in a secure way if desired.

  • server installation
  • multiple cuncurrent users
  • no client installation required
  • upgrades are automatically distributed to clients
  • secure remote access

Database Development

Every business has information that needs to be handled efficiently, from customer information to purchases, estimates and sales numbers. Databases are the core of modern applications and allow your decision makers to keep track of information and access it seamlessly from different platforms. Reports can be generated from the data which can help you make informed business decisions. Having information on a database may reduce data entry time and errors. New reports are easily produced so you can have all the information you need at your fingertips.

  • report generation
  • business intelligence
  • data entry time reduction
  • error reduction
  • fast access to complex information

Enterprise Application Integration

When acquiring new enterprise systems, the need may arise to integrate functionalities with your existing investments. Our application integration services will allow you to retain usage of purchased assets and maximize your return on investment. We serve as abridge between your existing core systems and allow you to take maximum advantage of your new assets. We can seamlessly and transparently integrate systems and automate transactions in real time which would otherwise require repeated data entry, lost time and a high potential for errors.

  • add new functionality to your existing systems
  • maximize your return on new investments
  • seamless real time transaction integration
  • reduce potential errors
  • minimize repeated work

Project Management

Technology projects require expertise, responsibility, knowledge and organization in order to be executed correctly. Our project management services will reduce your costs, risks and completion time by using proven software development cycle standards. The result will be reduced overall costs and a guarantee that your company will receive the best results from your investment.

  • make the correct technology decisions
  • reduce costs
  • reduce risks
  • reduce completion time
  • maximize return on investment

Technology Leveraging

There are many software and hardware solutions which may be able to improve your business processes. When your business may benefit from new cutting edge technology, our services will guide you in the right direction. We help you evaluate the correct technologies and design software that interfaces with them to maximize your efficiency. Guiding you from the evaluation phase to the correct design and precise implementation will assure incredible results.

  • improve your business processes
  • adopt new technologies
  • maximize efficiency
  • maximize return on investment

Business Process Consulting

In order to maximize the return on investment from technology implementations you need help from experts. Our business process consulting services will make your technology decisions more accurate. We take time to understand and analyze your business to identify processes which may benefit from technology. Consulting services are usually coupled with our development services. We will guide you through the process of technology selection and deliver solutions that maximize efficiency and reduce errors.

  • make the correct technology decisions
  • reduce costs
  • maximize efficiency
  • reduce errors
  • upgrade business processes

Maintenance and Support

When systems fail or solutions need maintenance we can quickly identify your problems and reduce downtime, risks and lost productivity. Our maintenance and support plans allow you to focus on your business and not worry about technology issues that may arise. We troubleshoot existing applications and report what needs to be fixed or improved to avoid future complications. Where possible, we can modify the software side of the application to remove issues and to implement new requirements as your needs evolve.

  • allows you to focus on your business
  • avoid future complications
  • minimize impact of downtime
  • correct current issues
  • implement new requirements

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